10 Jan 2023 Mint Mobile releases advertisement scripted by ChatGPT
31 Jan 2023 AI-generated aerial drone photo wins photography contest
03 Feb 2023 David Guetta introduces AI-generated Eminem
06 Mar 2023 Hubspot’s generative AI for marketing, ChatSpot, released
06 Mar 2023 Coca-Cola unveils ‘Masterpiece’ ad created using generative AI
07 Mar 2023 Salesforce pilots ‘EinsteinGPT’ for Slack and CRM
8 Mar 2023 ChatGPT script South Park episode
14 Mar 2023 GPT-4 becomes virtual helper for ‘Be My Eyes’ service for the visually impaired
14 Mar 2023 EduTech company Khan Academy announces GPT-4 powered AI tutor Khanmigo
14 Mar 2023 AI wins the prestigious international Sony World Photography Award 2023 for ‘The Electrician’
16 Mar 2023 Microsoft announces Office 365 Copilot MS Apps to get generative AI upgrade
20 Mar 2023 Runway releases Gen-2 upgrade for AI-generated videos
20 Mar 2023 Coca-Cola invites digital artists to ‘Create Real Magic’ with AI-generated brand art
21 Mar 2023 Deepfake of Trump arrest goes viral
21 Mar 2023 Adobe announces ‘Firefly’ AI art generator
22 Mar 2023 GitHub’s ‘Copilot X’ launched to generate software code with GPT-4, reveals AI-coding improves developer productivity by up to 55%
23 Mar 2023 SYZYGY releases first study on public perceptions of generative AI
25 Mar 2023 AI-generated deepfake of Pope wearing Balenciaga puffer jacket goes viral
30 Mar 2023 AI music group Alltta releases ‘Savages’ featuring AI-generated Jay-Z voice
14 April 2023 Fake Drake’ x The Weeknd Generative AI voice-cloned track raises concerns
15 April 2023 AI-generated fake interview with F1 driver Michael Schumacher appears in German magazine, Die Aktuelle
18 April 2023 AI detectors say US Constitution is AI generated
25 April 2023 AI-generated clone of supermodel Eva Herzigová ready for the runway
03 May 2023 Snoop Dogg’s WTF AI moment
10 May 2023 Google launches generative AI ‘search experience’.
11 May 2023 Sundar Pichai and Google go all in on AI at annual i/O tech conference
23 May 2023 Adobe integrates generative AI into Photoshop with ‘generative fill’ feature
23 May 2023 Financial markets disrupted by fake AI-generated footage of Pentagon explosion
23 May 2023 Microsoft announces generative AI ‘copilot’ will be built into Windows 11
08 June 2023 ChatGPT ad-wars
08 June 2023 Biden vs Trump deepfake debate
12 June 2023 Guerlain ad uses generative AI to reimagine iconic fragrance bottle
15 June 2023 ‘Black Mirror’ Netflix show paints creative but dystopian future for generative AI with ‘Joan is Awful’
03 July 2023 Emotive VW deepfake ad sparks tears and controversy
03 July 2023 Ella ad from Telekom warns of dystopian deepfake future 
06 July 2023 Deep Fake Love released on Netflix
17 July 2023 BMW’s MINI runs AI-powered ad
18 July 2023 Full episode of South Park reportedly AI-generated
28 July 2023 Genesis movie trailer generated using image and text to video generator in 7 hours by prompt engineer Nicolas Neubert